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Want to open links and images on a new tab by just dragging them across the page? You can do that easily with this Firefox extension! Notes: - Drag and drop functionality is fully cross-browser. You can drag and drop both regular links and image links. - You can drag across tabs (you can drop inside a tab) - This extension is open-source and released under the GPL v3. - The license is free, no payment required - The developer lives in Switzerland and the project is hosted on Github. - There is no monthly fee for commercial use. Note that adblockers might block our captcha, and other functionality on BHW so if you don't see the captcha or see reduced functionality please disable adblockers to ensure full functionality, note we only allow relevant management verified ads on BHW.Q: How to get and set a class attribute in kotlin DSL using values? I'm trying to get and set a class attribute in kotlin DSL using values. For example, given the following DSL: abstract class Foo { fun a() = 42 } fun main() { val foo = Foo() foo.a() // -> 42 foo.a = 13 foo.a() // -> 13 } How do I get and set an instance attribute. I've tried the following: fun setClassAttrib(name: String, val: Double) { val attr = kClass.declaredMember(name) attr.setAnnotation(ExposeForTesting()) attr.setAccessible(true) val field = attr.get(foo::class) as JFunction0 field?.invoke(this, null)?.invoke(42 as Any?) } fun getClassAttrib(name: String): Double { val attr = kClass.declaredMember(name) attr.setAccessible(true) val field = attr.get(foo::class) as JFunction0 val result = field?.invoke(this, null)?.invoke(42 as Any?) as Double a5204a7ec7

Add a link and drop it on a page in Fire Drag Cracked Version and just by holding it down, the URL or image will be opened up in a new tab. You can control a number of settings to customize the behavior of the extension, including: - Whether it should stay in the background - Whether it should open a new tab or window - Whether it should stay on the left or right side of the current tab - The minimum dragging distance to avoid opening links accidentally - Whether it should ignore clickable links - How to open links in the foreground or background tab - Whether it should open the URL directly or be redirected to a new tab - The title of the new tab - The URL of the new tab - The image of the new tab - The image on the new tab - Specify the search engine to use - Etc This extension may not play well with other extensions as it runs directly in the browser. If you encounter any problems, you can disable it by going to Tools > Fire Drag > Options and deselecting the 'Enable Fire Drag' check box. Author/Copyright: Distributed under a BSD/GPLv2 license.A belated Happy Holidays to everyone! I have been very busy working on some surprise and have only been able to post a few things here. However, I will still be around for a little longer! I will be out of town for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year's Eve. I will be back at the Burbank office on December 26th and I will be in the Burbank office on January 2nd. I will be back in Chicago sometime in February. Thanks for your patience while I have been out of town. As usual I will be in the Burbank office on December 29th, and January 6th. In Chicago I will be working on a few special projects. Anyway, you all know that I am a big fan of the "Happy Holidays" song but this is an update and really it is more about the holiday season which is about to start. This will be a very busy month for me and we will have a lot of fun! I will also be adding some more artwork, lots of commercials and music videos, and my new profile video for "Christmas in Your Heart". It will also feature the song "Happy Holidays&quo